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October 11, 2014

Pumpkin Mantou 南瓜馒头

Pumpkin, pumpkin, Pumpkin!! I am going nuts ...haha >< trying to figure out what pumpkin dish and desert I am go in to prepare for LTU! I hope everyone in the blogosphere is having fun sharing their pumpkin recipes to LTU -Pumpkin month event.


Here comes the second wave to keep the pumpkin party rolling. It is the pumpkin mantou  wave after the first wave of pumpkin chiffon. ^_^
Mantou aka chinese steamed buns, is a kind of steamed buns or bread originating from China, They a typically eaten as a staple in northern parts of China where wheat are grown. They are made with milled wheat flour, water and leavening agent (yeast or baking powder) They are made in different size and texture.

I am sharing this is a soft and chewy pumpkin mantou. Be it, on its own or spread with some pumpkin kaya (will share in my coming post) or peanuts bitter or any other spread of your choice.

I cooked some braised pork belly in soy sauce to sandwich in the buns with some romaine lettuce. It is so delicious!!! YUM!

Get ready the pumpkin mantou, the braised pork and some romaine lettuce
Slice open the mantou
Put the lettuce and pork belly in the mantou.
There you are! A chinese style burger is ready!! Wanna have a bite!!  ^_^
Making this pumpkin mantou is simple. This mantou recipe need to prepare  a starter dough but i used straight dough method instead.  I used bread maker machine to mix and knead the dough. After knead it is rolled round and left to rise for 1 hour but I overlook that part. I only rise it for 20 minutes, then roll the dough out flat into a big rectangle piece. Roll back tightly from the long side like a swiss roll. Cut into 9 equall pieces. Put on a round or square wax paper and arrange them into the bamboo steamer. ( I don.t have big bamboo steam, I just arrange mine onto the steam rack of the wok. Let them proof in the warm wok . Water temperature is about 35 degree C or just lukewarm but not hot.)

I am glad althought i did not rise it for 1 hour or double it size, these mantou still turn out nice and fluffy.
Wrapped up the wok cover with a big piece of cloth to prevent the water from dripping onto the mantou. Like this will prevent the mantou from having uneven or pimple skin :D
 Pumpkin Mantou aka pumpkin steamed buns (南瓜馒头)
Recipe adapted from 'The first book of noodles for Beginners (my modifications in purple)
Makes  8~9 mantou
100g starter dough (i omit this)
300g all purpose flour or baos flour (i used 330g)
1/2 tsp instant yeast
180g mashed pumpkin
15g full cream milk powder
20g castor sugar
1/8 tsp salt
30g all purpose flour for adding in after rise (I add this into the main flour)

To Do:
Steamed and mashed the pumpkin. (i seeded and washed the half pumpkin. Steamed it with the skin on for 20 minutes or until it is soften and cooked. Then scoop the cooked pumpkin flesh out .. please refer here )
**Different types of pumpkin and the way of steaming may produce different texture pumpkin. If your pumpkin comes out to be a bit soft and meshy you may reduce the water or if the pumpkin are more to the dry texture you can add a bit more water)

Put all the ingredients into a mixer or bread maker machine and mixed into a smooth dough.

Rolled the dough round and rise in a oiled mixing bowl for 1.5~2 hours or double it size.(i overlook  this part :p I only let the dough  rise for 20 minutes..lucky me, my mantou turn out nice and fluffy)

Pouch down the dough to expel air. Rolled the dough out flat into a rectangle shape.  Roll back tightly from the long side like a swiss roll. Cut into 9 equall pieces. Put on a round or square wax paper and arrange them into the bamboo steamer.(i arrange mine into the steam rack of a wok and let it proof in a warm wok for 40 minutes)

When the proofing is completed. Simply put on the flame and steam on medium heat for 15 minutes. NOTES: Do not open the wok cover straight away. This will cause the hot air escape to0 rapidly that will cause the mantou to shrink tremendously and have wrinkle skin like an old lady :p. Instead open a little gap at the side of the wok just 5 minutes before the mantou is ready.)

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